Workshop Hansen-Sembolini


RIMINI 20-21-22 JULY 2018

An unusual workshop with Siegfried Hansen and Francesco Sembolini, two important interpreters of the authorial and artistic street photography that will accompany you and guide you in its contemporaneity.

A unique experience that will change the way you interpret the world around us, both for street photography and for photography in general.

A full immersion from Friday to Sunday to receive lots of input, notions and methods with many hours of practice on the streets and at the beach. You will learn to see and to think as authors and artists.


  • Observe and research with different eyes and build your own unusual reality by correlating elements and situations.
  • Create your own identity.
  • You will learn to build with very little, because everything can be more if taken from the right perspective.
  • Become self-critical learning to evaluate the originality and complexity of the work.
  • Details to add or delete. The “backgrounds” and the “frontground” that will be the basis and subject of photography.
  • The different focal lenght for our creativity and creativity.
  • Become aware of the contemporary nature of street photography.



To attend the workshop you need to know how to use the camera and to be ready to open your mind! After the registration you can send us some photos from your portfolio or let us know where we can view them.

What do you need to participate?

As long as you have a digital camera (for checking in real time what you are doing) it will be enough. If you have several lenses you can take them with you to learn different perspective.

Italian and english language Workshop

Siegfried and Francesco will be translated into Italian and English for the duration of the theoretical lesson and for all the time of the practical sessions.


Each student can bring a laptop with his own editing software to edit some of the photos taken during the workshop. Siegfried and Francesco will give you tips and suggestions to make your photos even stronger.

You can buy the workshop at 350 €

(Offert reserved just for the first 8 subscribers and with a deposit of 100€)



Siegfried Hansen is one of the most famous street photographers in the world and a member of In-Public, the most famous street collective in the world. Trace visual compositions of graphics and colors and create street photographs with aesthetic connections. Judge and guest of all the main events of street photography and program like Master of Photography.

Francesco Sembolini is well-known both in Italy and abroad for a street built through the apposition of elements, colors, graphic, creating bizarre, humorous and graphic scenes. Co-founder of the Italian Street Eyes collective and the street festival Italian Street Photo Festival. He was Olympus ambassador.


A beautiful Rimini hotel just 50 meters from the sea will be the location of the workshop. You can book a room at a discounted price. See the location


Siegfried and Francesco will be happy to reply to any question about the workshop. Fill the form below or send an e-mail to:

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