Meeting of two street photographer in Rome

Meeting of two street photographer in Rome

Rome, February 2018, a beautiful day to meet a street photographer in Rome, my friend Siegfried Hansen, one of the leading contemporary street photographers in the world. The meeting is certainly not causal, also because I’m from Perugia and he from Hamburg!

The reason is there and it is clear: we will do an event together. Surely a workshop in which we will try to convey the kind of street photography that represents us. Soon every detail and information, you should stay connected and follow! But the day was not just talk and pizza!

In fact we did a bit of street photography in Rome together, as we could otherwise, maybe even a little bit to get to know each other in the field, so to speak. Even from the first impact we understand that, even with sometimes similar results, we have approaches that are sometimes distant and this will be one of the crucial points of the workshop we are going to hold.

See you soon!



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