Founded the first international street photography festival in Italy

Italy has its international street festival!

We founded the first international street photography festival in Italy, Italian Street Photo Festival. It is really a great satisfaction to be able to write these words, a dream that becomes reality after months of work.

From my idea and from the fundamental collaboration and union with those who would become my co-founders, Stefano Mirabella and Alex Liverani, a festival was born that brings Italy closer to the other 5 international festivals in the rest of the world. Italian Street Photo Festival wants to be a festival focused mainly on a contemporary street photography and presents itself with many events and three international contests.

The guests who will hold the events and who will be jury of the contest are some of the most relevant Italian and foreign street photographers, indirectly representing some of the main collectives including In-public, Burn-my-eye, Italian Street Eyes, InQuadra, Spontanea and others .

The festival will be held in Rome at Officine Fotografia on 13-14-15 April 2018.

We are proud that so much work is already rewarded on the web, now you just have to experience it in person and we wait for all Italian and foreign enthusiasts and operators.


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