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workshop di street photography      workshop di street photography

Street photography

Street photography is more than taking photos of people on the street. Street photography is different from reportage and we have to know to make good images. Street photography is an easily genre, so it is not easy to create images that can astonish you. 

Individual Workshop of street photography

A theoretical / practical course where you can make a long session of street photography with me.

You can choose between two types of workshops, depending by your level and goals:

a) Learn Street Photography

  • 6 hours of theory and practice in the street

  • The fastest and best shooting modes

  • How to use Zone Focus and Hyperfocal

  • Improve your camera setting

  • Lenses and cameras for different street Languages?

  • The genres of street: Juxtaposition, look at me, minimal, lights and shadows, etc.

  • How to frame perfectly

  • Decisive moment

  • How to recognize the perfect scenes

  • The geometries of the city and its colors, how to use them for our photos

  • Learn to subdivide the scene and to create our reality

  • More and More

Price: 6 hours a day 250€

b) Advanced program

For those who already practice street photography and want to improve specific aspects with individual lessons and program. For those who want to create their own photographic identity.

Specific program:

  • Discuss your current images

  • Tips and tricks of techniques

  • How to make stronger your images

  • Works of great authors

  • The current street photography, panorama and trends

  • How to find our street language and our identity

  • Creation or improvement of your portfolio

  • Creation or improvement of your web site
  • Post production: how to add “strength” to your photos

  • More and more

Everything will be plan according to your needs and goals you want to achieve. Timetables can be decided together. 

Price: 8 hours a day 300€

To ask info by mail

Francesco Sembolini

Member and founder of Italian Street Eyes: Web site

Olympus Ambassador: Web site