Street photos: if you compared yourself to a child?

Street photos: easy to shoot but difficult to do amazing shots

Street photography is a photographic phenomenon of nowdays, certainly for its easy accessibility. But is there complete awareness about the value of the photographs taken?

And if we tried to compare our photographs to a child?

Child street photos

fotografie street“Dad, can you teach me street photography?”. My son, 5 years old. 

Let’s do this younger street photography workshop in history, probably.

For those who do not have children, you need to know that at 5 years old you start reading, to some words like “framing” they can answer: “what does it mean?”; a shutter button should be pressed with at least two fingers and people within a meter are seen as trouser belts. Talking about basic technique is impossible.

A little training about the focus of the shutter; starting giving him some ideas on what he could photograph (if he wants) in the street. Without conditioning him much more, but certainly with the same tips I usually give to any workshop.


 First hours:

  • everyone can make street photographs and even with very simple equipment;
  • the smallness of the equipment and its apparent harmlessness are an extra weapon;
  • even if the photographer has a harmless air, it is even better;
  • a large percentage of the street photographs shared are able of a 5-year-old child;

Set up a new measurement to value the photographs, a 5-year-old child.

Below, some photos of Samuel; some of these after a few minutes from the first time he press a shutter button. N.B. The post production (such as bn, color, cuts, etc.) was decided together with my suggestion and with his final decision.




A child doesn knows about technique; his weapons are a random choice of the subject and the composition necessary to make it fit into the frame. All in relation to his distraction.

We are adults, evolved, but are we also at the photographic level?

How much we are evolved photographically?

Try to imagine a drawing of a child. Surely we would be more original and detailed. Comparing with photography, if we are not able to make more evolved works of a child, our shots would be as their draws.

The images below (drawing and photographs) are made by a 5-year-old child after a few days.

 fotografie street

If we think we can do a better draw, but we would be satisfied for some photography on the right, our photographic evolution is less than a 5-year-old child.

From about two years old we try to improve our communication through writing instruments and with study, every day. Over time we have managed to evolve so as to distinguish our work from those of a 5 year old child. To repeat continuously gests, constant training, all training to pass an exam. A life of notions that give us maturity and greater awareness of a child.

If we can not give more strength to a photograph, it will mean that we are not photographically more evolved, as in other disciplines, instead.

Is so easy to take pictures?

No, “the action of photographing” is very simple. In 50% or more cases, something “sufficiently good” is automatically produced by the camera. Many times the scenes are composed by themselves and carry more than just a valid shooting time. We seem to have put much of our photographic maturation, but not. It is only the instrument that has done its job.



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