Francesco was born in 1972 and lives in Umbria, Italy.

He is a professional photographer and his main activity is street photography from about 5 years. He began to take pictures on the street to escape from commissioned photography and became his main passion. Street photography allows him to discover and to learn himself, as artist, as person and photographer. In street photography he loves building his own reality through the apposition of elements, colors, graphics, creating humorous, improbable, bizarre and aesthetic compositions. Step by step Francesco become a well-know street photographer, in Italy and abroad.

“My life always has been conditioned from details, everywhere. I watch everything carefully and my imagination combines details to create an unlikely reality.”

He collaborates with very important italian and foreign street photographers about events, workshops, talks, portfolio reviews, photowalks, interviews etc. In the last few years he has only focused on improving himself and contributing to the street photography area.

In 2015 he founded Italian Street Eyes, one of the Italian street photography collective.

In 2016 he became an Olympus brand Ambassador with which he made several events.

In 2017 he co-founded Italian Street Photo Festival, the first international street photography festival in Italy.

Published in some street photography books and on blogs about interviews but he does not love this today’s exasperated way of receiving visibility, so it is limited only to situations that he considers particular. If you want to read one on 121clicks that he considers “sui generis”: Read

As a Tutor for street photography he makes available to his courses all the experience received from years spent on the street and all the awareness gained in living daily the street area.